The Hills Finale: "Oh Look, There's Cake!"

The Hills finale was last night, and it was a searing investigation into the heartbreaking truth about love versus fear, freedom versus security, and the virtue of having a rich and fulfilling inner life. Haha, jk.

Jayde unsubtly uses an engagement party as an appropriate place to pester Brody about where their relationship is going, and Brody maturely explains that it's not the right place. And then later he makes plans to dump her. What's with these young girls wanting to get married like there's a stipulation in their trust funds that requires marriage for them to get the money or something?

Spencer confronts Heidi (who was apparently waiting in the foyer for him to call her name?) about the pregnancy test he found. He actually sounds reasonable at the end of the talk, but then you remember that earlier in this episode he passive-aggressively hounded Heidi about this in front of a small child.

Aww, Justin (Bobby) has to pretend to like Kristin here. For the script!

Justin (Bobby) and Kristin enter into a mature, loving, communicative, all-the-way relationship...or whatever. Let's hope next season she cheats first.


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Thank you Alexa Chung for asking Audrina what we all desperately neede to know: what does JustinBobby smell like?

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