It's hard to delineate real and fake on The Hills. But this teary convo between Heidi and Lauren must be genuine, because Heidi breaks the ice by asking, "You been working out a lot?"

So on the finale, Spencer got weird with Heidi's crying mother, yet again, and then he decided to make his fake marriage "legal" by going into a courtroom set with Heidi. Then after Heidi returns from the bathroom with what seems like real tears, Spencer pretends to have a caring moment and tells her they're going to not make it legal and go have an elaborate wedding. It's starting to feel like maybe Heidi believes that most of this is real, so she's reacting that way. It was funny that she brought up The Truman Show on the Aftershow because it seems like a perfect analogy for her life. (And the fact that she didn't even get it when she said it, supports that.) But the biggest news of last night is that there will be more episodes of The Hills! It's like Eastenders. It will never stop.