The Hills: Fake Is The New Real

The Hills is kinda like The Truman Show. We know that most of the drama is scripted, but the cast seems more convinced of their false reality than the audience does. Last night's episode was an example of this.

Clearly, the most contrived storyline is Heidi and Spencer's: it's like an art form of its own at this point, in which the creation of "problems" in their marriage seems to uncover actual problems. For instance: Heidi's baby fever (in the previous clip) is obviously a gimmick, but you can see her getting confused about the blurred lines of reality.


Then there's Jayde Nicole. She's become a celebrity in her own right, making it into gossip columns for her temper and her physical and legal fight with Joe Francis. Last week, she slapped Kristin, which given Jayde's history (and the fact that the cameras catching the drama were hand-held and not set up on a tripod), suggests that the event was from the heart, and not from the minds of producers. This meet-up with Kristin however, was strictly orchestrated. Judge Judy would not approve of going to talk to someone who assaulted you about how you hate them.

I find Jayde to be the best possible addition to this show, as she appears to be a bit unhinged, making her a perfect candidate for reality television. Maybe The Hills will stop being so boring. But who am I kidding? I'd still watch it, even if the entire 30 minutes was spent on JustinBobby picking his toes.

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REAAAALLY bothered by the "not an irrational or a hormonal decision." While it's true that neither Sp or eidi make great decisions on the show, you wouldn't see a therapist telling Spencer that his desisions are irrational or hormonal.

You can simply tell someone that their idea is a bad one.