On last night's episode, Kristin and Audrina had a staged confrontation at Heidi's staged birthday party over Kristin's staged relationship with JustinBobby. But the real excitement was the return of Jen Bunny!

Remember her? She was friends with Lauren in high school, and then, after Lauren gave her a diamond bracelet for her birthday, she boinked Brody, even though Lauren was sorta kinda dating him. That dramz was the first conflict that Lauren had with Spencer, since he set Jen and Brody up. So Jen was a catalyst in the whole Lauren/Spencer war. Well, not really a catalyst, since she actually changed a lot with the help of a colorist and plastic surgeon.

I have to say that the puppies that Spencer bought Heidi for her birthday are incredibly cute.

I love Lo's response to Audrina's bullshit drama.

I also love that JustinBobby claims to be super into Kristin, yet he thinks her name is Kirsten.