The Hills Casts Child Actor Amid Speidi Baby Drama

On last night's episode of The Hills, Heidi and Spencer met their new "neighbors", an engaged couple who, for some reason, live with their foreign nephew, a little boy who was seemingly cast to help with Spencer's I-don't-want-kids storyline.

Last week, when Heidi Montag guest co-hosted The View, she discussed her desire to have children and Spencer's desire to remain childless. Little Enzo is supposed to provide some kind of comic relief in the situation, but it kind of just comes off as one of those desperate casting decisions to boost ratings by adding a young kid (e.g. Olivia on The Cosby Show, Oliver on The Brady Bunch, and Chrissy Seaver (who aged six years in between seasons) of Growing Pains).

Spencer's sister Stephanie had the most intelligent statement of the entire series so far when she advised Heidi to not try to fix problems in her marriage by bringing a baby into it.


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Wasn't Spencer at one point talking about he he couldn't wait to have kids? I can't keep up with all the scripts changes on this show.