The Harper's (Bazaar) Index: The Couture Economy, Demi Moore, & Joan Collins' Issue With Rich Guys

Do people get confused by Harper's Magazine and Harper's Bazaar? After all, the luxury goods industry is not so different from Halliburton — shameless, ubiquitous, and sooo fucking talented at charging more for less. So again, we're taking things to their (ill)logical end with our own "Harper's (Bazaar) Index", inspired by Harper's famous feature, which parses the world of big oil, big money, big politics and Big Pharma and puts it into easily-digested numerical form. After the jump, Anna and I look at the April issues of both magazines and juxtapose America's economic troubles with John Galliano, mock Demi Moore's personal heroine and compare the average income of "attractive" American men with Joan Collins' anecdote about a rich, nasty Arab sheikh.

(Images created by Cheryl Campbell; click image below to enlarge)


Harper's Index, 2008 [Harper's] Demi's Family Style [Harper's Bazaar]

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