The 'Harper's Bazaar' Index: September 2007

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Do people get confused by Harper's Magazine and Harper's Bazaar? We do! After all, the luxury goods industry is not so different from Halliburton — shameless, ubiquitous, and oh so good at charging more for less. So, as usual, we're taking things to their (ill)logical end with a little mash-up of both magazines in the form of Harper's famous "Index" feature, which parses the world of big oil, big money, and Big Pharma and puts it into easily-digested numerical form. After the jump, see how Rachel Bilson is contributing to the exhaustion of the world's fossil fuels; learn why U.S. firefighters, actress Rita Wilson and singer Courtney Love are all obese; and marvel at the hypocrisy of loving one furry mammal while wearing the pelt of another.

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Illustration for article titled The 'Harper's Bazaar' Index: September 2007

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You are awesome. That seriously made my day - I'm in the middle of number crunching on the budget for a grant (numbers are not my forte) - and seeing this made me laugh.