Do people get confused by Harper's Magazine and Harper's Bazaar? After all, the luxury goods industry is not so different from Halliburton β€” shameless, ubiquitous, and really talented at charging more for less. Following a two month hiatus, we're back with our own Harper's (Bazaar) Index, inspired by Harper's famous feature, which parses the world of big oil, big money, and Big Pharma and puts it into easily-digested numerical form. After the jump, Intern Cheryl helps us tally up the total retail "worth" of the December issue of Bazaar (hint: it's more than the oil industry has given to the 2008 presidential campaigns so far), the number of known sexual partners of the actress Renee Zellweger, and special mention of Judith Regan, Stella McCartney, and the magazine's masthead.

(Images created by Intern Cheryl; click to enlarge)


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