The Hamptons Are Running Out of Rosé, Summer Is Officially Over

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There is a rosé emergencé in New York's summer getaway spots and there aren't enough bottles to go around. As first world problems go, this is right up there with your iPhone hosting so many apps that it can’t shoulder a new one and your sun hat’s brim being too short. Struggle.


According to Page Six, the bubbly goodness is such a sparse commodity that all of the restaurants are nearly out and those that aren’t only have a precious few bottles left.

A Wölffer Estate rep told us the vineyard’s sold out its 2013 Summer in a Bottle Rosé and Grandioso Rosé as well as the 2010 Noblesse Oblige Sparkling Rosé, but still has some 2013 Wölffer Rosé.

“We are getting very low, so it’s hard to say how much longer we’ll have it,” a rep said.


Something like this happened back in 2012 and wine shops began limiting customers to just four bottles a piece. But how will they survive?

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Despite our earthquake the other day, I'm happy to report that my local Whole Foods still has plenty of $11.99 Rosé left on the shelves. At least we can keep the party going in California wine country.