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The Guys Are Too In Touch With Their Feelings On 'The Pick Up Artist'

Remember last week when the guys were all bawling during elimination? That carried over into this week, when the boys all wept and embraced. Then Joe D.—you know, the one who lives in a room in his parents' house with no door and whose only friends are from an online RPG — got all pissy when Pradeep the Creep slapped him in the face when they were joking around. Then Kosmo got all affected by the drama and couldn't focus during the "seduction" lesson. That house is more menstrual than Top Model, for real.


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The thing that pisses me off the most about the Pickup Artist is that they take perfectly nice spots in Austin and turn them into meat markets. Last week, during the 'Daygame' challenge, they tryed scamming on girls at Spiderhouse- which used to be one of the nicer places in Austin to have a drink without some popped-collar breathing heavily on you. Go to JP's Java with that shit!