The Latin Grammys, held last night in Vegas, brought out some spectacular gowns — and some spectacular trainwrecks. In short, it was everything a red carpet should be.

Let's talk J.Lo: The Andrew Gn gown is potentially stunning, but would it kill her to get a size she can sit and eat in?

Can we all agree that singer Angelica Maria looks fab in a Zsa-Zsa sort of way? Not to mention, warm.


Liliana Gil is actually not worn by this massive print: no small feat.


Kany Garcia goes for pretty, late-70s glam.

Ilia CalderĂłn: totally elegant.


Natalia Jiménez does a literal — but fun — spin on flamenco!

A slightly more restrained take from Pamela Silva-Conde.


Singer Estrella Morente, apparently working with that hot new 5-year-old stylist!

Lucrecia's dress channels Ursula. Never a bad thing.


I don't know that we can call Ely Guerra a scroll-down fug so much as a scroll-down accelerated aging, a la Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: by the time we reach the feet, we're in Boca Raton.

Rakel will be taking the role of Queen of the Night right after this.


Charo, aging like fine wine.

D'Manti, clearly a spiritual heir.

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