The Glamour Guide To Antidepressants: Vaguely Numbing, Unsatisfying

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The November Glamour contains a 12-page guide to "the #1 drug women are taking" — antidepressants, duh — replete with tempting pictures of artfully styled colored prescription pills, and as the one person I knew who had never taken them but probably should have, I devoured it in hopes of learning something new. And I did! Turns out Kentucky and Utah have the most patients taking antidepressants! Utah, really? Is there some legislative/regulatory reason for this? Are SSRIs the Mormon answer to getting loaded? Yeah, they don't answer that. But there was so much more!


To summarize: sometimes people feel bad because life lacks fulfillment and getting dumped sucks a lot and antidepressants will probably help you with that although you should wait awhile before you take them, preferably until that point when you are mainly depressed because you are still so fucking depressed, and what the fuck is wrong with you already — yeah, that's when even the most conservative shrink will cough up a scrip. Some people gain weight and lose their desire to fuck, whereas some people do not, and generally the people who feel the best on the pills keep taking them, whereas the people who feel a little iffy about them stop. You're not supposed to drink on antidepressants and we're just going to act like nobody does even though everybody does, and in any event, pills will only help you in the event that you concurrently waste a shitload of money on therapy.

I think I'm depressed that I actually just wasted Adderall reading that.

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@Effing Minnow _ you just don't get it.The attitude that depression is weakness is a puritain Protestant myth that stigmatizes people with an organic issue. Maybe you know spoilt depressed people because you are middle class, but people of all ages, races, and classes get it - it often manifests in obesity, criminal behavior, and/or drug addiction. I am 39 and have dealt with depression forever- had a crappy childhood, my mom raised me when she was depressed, but after therapy and work on myself I have put those issues to rest. For me, life issues can touch it off, and mostly it just feels chemical, like a mental flu... first you lose your energy, like the early stage of a bad cold... you dont feel like doing anything at all... you cancel plans and stop picking up the phone...then you get isolated...and you know you are in trouble but you lack the energy and concentration to get help... then you start feeling bad about how you're not getting help, and it makes you feel worse in a vicious cycle... then ( if you're me at my worst ) you start thinking hard about the sharp objects...scary .

Knowing this is my issue, I manage myself. I felt an episode coming on 6 mos ago and for the very first time I got over my shame enough to tell my friends and asked for help. I started taking Omega 3 fish oil and I LOVE it, it has made a huge change in my mood. ( I used to take St. Johns Wort but it didnt work as well) I also meditate 2X a day, and have been running and doing yoga for the last 12 years( not a lot, 2-3x a week or so). With the fish oil I feel better than I ever have. Frankly, I'm scared of taking prescription meds it seems like such a rat race. So when I saw studies saying fish oil and excercise are as good as meds I am gave them a shot and happily it works for me. I also know I cant drink a lot, do most street drugs ( messes with the seratonin), or have a job I hate, and I always have to be careful of myself. Its like managing any chrinic health issue. I am always watchful, many times I have been suspicious of my need for a nap or a quiet day, then realized days later that I simply had a cold or was tired, just like any normal person.

As for America being overmedicated, ( esp the kids) I used to think that too- until I taught H.S. kids and 3/4 of them were bouncing off the walls with ADHD and Aspbergers. I don't even try to control them ( luckily its wasnt a class where I had to try) instead i met them on thier own terms - I kind of love those kids - I know from imbalances.

But saying someone is weak for being depressed is like saying they are weak for having blue eyes...