The Girls Next Door: Same Shit, Different Girls

On last night's premiere of The Girls Next Door, we got to meet Hef's three new girlfriends, including 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina, who admit that their personalities are "basically the same." We can't really argue with that.

Hef's other girlfriend is 22-year-old Crystal, who helps her 83-year-old boyfriend with his Twitter page. She insists that she's not a gold digger and she has a "regular" job (making $10 an hour working on Hef's scrapbooks).

The only thing grosser than the thought of teenagers sleeping with an octogenarian is Carrot Top.

Look at how bummed out the girls look when they have to take a break from their Vegas fun to call the old man.


Doesn't Hef ever want to talk to someone his own age?