The Gap's New Ad Campaign Sounds... Incredibly Groundbreaking!

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  • We are apparently the only people who were moved to buy Gap's skinny pants by those Audrey Hepburn TV commercials because, this year, the retailer's campaign is print-only, featuring famous and semi-famous people in black and white magazine spreads. [We saw it in 'Vanity Fair' and it is soooooo alluring. -Ed] [NYT]
  • Unacceptable Marc Jacobs item of the day: Happy Meal-inspired boxed-sets of baby items. [Vogue UK]
  • Kate Moss's new fragrance is a floral musk, which expresses "the personality of Kate Moss in this duality." We assume her Pete Doherty-shagging side is represented in the "musk", which is, ahem, a kind way of describing the scent of cold sweat and junkie toilet. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Oh thank goodness! It's been at least a week since we wrote anything about Valentino! And their net profits for the quarter are up 18.3%. In other news, Valentino: still not retired! [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Liberace paper dolls! We are desperate enough to have these we might have some sexual favors up our sleeve.. [WWD, 3rd item]
  • Giorgio Armani's avatar on the virtual reality escapism website "world" thingy is... himself. Ha! []
  • Japanese couples spend a third of what Americans do on engagement rings despite having higher median incomes and what sounds like a pragmatic reality-driven culture to us sounds like a huge opportunity to DeBeers. [WSJ]

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Fuck it. You all have convinced me. I don't ever want to see a woman in any medium, static or moving, looking less than flattering at any time. Ever. Because if that happens and a woman is presented as being more than the .01% of herself that a medium actually catches ( cause we all know no one's perfect and pleasing and posed in a flattering matter all the time) then women might think that it's ok be like that in real life and actually be comfortable being seen as less than perfect- even in their own personal photographs- can you imagine! From now on I will demand that all images of women in advertising are aesthetically pleasing and by that I mean the woman is posed and styled and airbrushed as much as possible to attain the same. Oh wait-that's how it is. And I thought Jezebel was for women who were tired of that bullshit. Obviously not. But I still love Jezebel!