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The Gap Reports Worst Sales In The History Of Ever

Illustration for article titled The Gap Reports Worst Sales In The History Of Ever
  • The Gap will just not cease to exist, releasing new monthly sales figures even as no one acknowledges it anymore. How do you get an 18% decrease from March 2007 when the last known Gap shopper bought her last Macau-made $4.90 tank top in 2003? The Gap will manage to report disappointing sales long after liquidation.
  • Here, Gap CEO Glenn Murphy, in case you missed it the first time, our memo from the clothes-wearing masses.
  • Alexander McQueen hopes Paris Hilton sees his store and just keeps on walking because fashion is "not about celebrity" which is a total lie, and also, a blatant "neg." [Sassybella]
  • Uniqlo has worked tirelessly to brand its basic clothes as somehow "edgy," retaining the photography services of Terry Richardson etc. etc., but who would have guessed they would have picked such an unusual celebrity spokesmodel? [Fabsugar]
  • On the heels of yesterday's gloomy sales forecast, Estee Lauder hosted a decadent party to honor its celebrity spokesmodel of thirteen years. [WWD]
  • Londoners used to fly to Hong Kong to get deals on clothes but now they're coming here. [Guardian]
  • Scary Spice is putting out some sort of perfume. What impeccable timing! [Ad Age]
  • Few people know this, but the signature Adidas "stripes" actually originated with a sort of utilitarian function, which was once a source of jealousy to Nike founder Phil Knight, but ha ha ha, probably not anymore. [IHT

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@Philthyist took a Xanax and is still bitter today: their regular jeans are ridiculously long, too. i have fairly long legs for a shorty, but i have to buy their *ankle* length in jeans (which is a good 3 inches shorter than the regular). that being said, my FAVORITE pair of jeans is from gap. and they are slowly wearing out, but they no longer have the exact style. it makes me want to cry.