The Funniest Moments from Tina Fey's Google Visit

We've boiled down the best four minutes of Tina Fey's hourlong interview at the Googleplex in Silicon Valley, in which the 30 Rock creator disses other comedies, reveals a baffling nickname from co-star Tracy Morgan—and unveils a foolproof joke to make anyone laugh.


Fey also created at least one uncomfortable moment for former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who as part of his apparent new duties as Google Executive Chairman asked Fey a series of well researched questions in front of thousands of Google employees, some watching from international offices via video link. Even with the occasional joke from Fey about sub-dermal chips or Google knowing too much about her, the event was clearly a nice distraction for Googlers who are surely frustrated with executive turnover, a sideways-trading stock and clumsy response to Facebook in social networking.

You can watch the best moments above, or head to YouTube for the full video, in which Fey reveals her favorite line in 30 Rock and gives her best advice for female writers in particular and female professional in general.

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If you have not read Bossypants yet you need to do so immediately to enjoy easy smart light-hearted hilarious entertainment. Piece of advice: Don't read it around people unless you like laughing aloud in front of others and making yourself feel awkward.

It's nice to know smart women don't have to be mean and/or sexy to be admired... They can just be smart.

BTW, her prayer to her daughter is the new cool "note" thing on Facebook.