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The French Press Are Making Fun of Olivier Sarkozy for Dating Mary-Kate Olsen

Illustration for article titled The French Press Are Making Fun of Olivier Sarkozy for Dating Mary-Kate Olsen

Despite being taller and better-looking than his older half-brother Nicolas, Olivier Sarkozy has been snickered at by the French press and roundly derided as "the little French lover" ever since he made a half-twist can-opener splash in the tabloids for his burgeoning romance with Mary-Kate Olsen, whom some of you might recognize from her inestimable webseries. Though the 43-year-old Sarkozy is 17 years older than his paramour, he apparently carries on a family tradition of creepiness that extends all the way back to when his father had an affair with a nanny for the Sarkozy boys.


Now that bro Nick is merely the former French president and still less interesting than wife Carla Bruni, all media attention has been turned to Olivier and M-Kay, who are sort of a New York power couple because they are a) famous and b) have oodles of money in many prismatic denominations. Sarkozy's ex-wife Charlotte Bernard has called the new couple "grotesque," which, considering all those disjointed photos of M-Kay, O-Sark, and daughter of O-Sark perambulating around New York, seems like a pretty fair characterization.


French mock little lover Sarkozy [Page Six]

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Montauk Monster

This photo will never not be hilarious.