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The French President’s Marrying Authority Extends Beyond the Grave

Illustration for article titled The French President’s Marrying Authority Extends Beyond the Grave

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has granted permission for Caroline Monet, the pregnant girlfriend of a French paratrooper killed by Mohamed Merah, to marry her boyfriend posthumously, authority that the president can wield in certain cases of especial poignancy.


According to the Agence France-Presse, which describes Monet, either through some overzealous adverbing or a translation snafu as "heavily pregnant," her boyfriend, Abel Chennouf, was one of two paratroopers gunned down in the garrison town Montauban during Merah's killing spree in southwestern France. Monet, who attended her boyfriend's military funeral in a wheelchair, becomes the third woman to receive the president's authorization for posthumous marriage, after the girlfriends of two policemen killed while on duty in Marseille and Lyon received similar authorizations.

Pregnant girlfriend to posthumously marry French gunman's victim [AFP]

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Is heavily pregnant not a normal phrase in American English? It's quite standard in British English and just means that she's in the late stages of pregnancy.