The Flesh-Eating Phonies Also Known As Lace-Front Wigs

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Thanks to Tyra Banks, Mary J. Blige, Halle Berry and Beyoncé, lace-front wigs are all the rage. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, RuPaul is also to blame. (Yeah, sure.) Lace-front wigs are popular because they give the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp. Although, to be honest, when it comes to Tyra and Gwen Stefani [And John Travolta! -Ed.], we can almost always see the netting on their foreheads. Anyway, the wig is adhered around the hairline, meaning the wearer can part her hair, put it in a ponytail or even go swimming. The cost? Anywhere from $300 to $25,000 — and maybe a little flesh and blood! Because sometimes when the wigs come off, some skin comes with them!

But no matter: Many (mostly black) women are willing to pay the price. "The hair is so human looking and I can do lots of styles," says one wig-wearer. "It's awesome." Claims another, "I can put it in a ponytail and still feel professional... feminine." The wigs are sometimes made from synthetic strands, but most are often crafted from the hair of women in Asia. (That's America: Always outsourcing!) So: Wigs. Truly liberating, or just another way celebrities undermine everyone's self-esteem? And again, we must ask: Why does everyone want straight hair so badly?
Lace-front Wigs: The Glue-On Ideal [Philadelphia Inquirer]
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I think lacefronts on black women are..well, a little SAD.

Why? Because its not just a wig —-its a wig that you are attempting to fool everyone into thinking is growing out of your scalp. How can you look like Alek Wek and have Pamella Anderson-type hair growing out of your head? And dont talk to me about diversity —-yes, I know the black race is diverse and there are many different hairtypes, BUT— and alot of the lacefronts dont look in the least realistic when contrasted with the persons skin-tone, eye-brows, features, etc.