[Wootton Bassett, England; August 18. Image via Getty]

WOOTTON BASSETT, ENGLAND - AUGUST 18: The daughters of Captain Mark Hale, Tori (top centre) and Alex (bottom centre) are comforted by friends and family as the hearses carrying the coffins of Lance Bombardier Matthew Hatton, 23, Rifleman Daniel Wild, 19, and their father Captain Mark Hale, 42, pass mourners lining the High Street on August 18, 2009 in Wootton Bassett, England. The repatriation to the nearby RAF Lyneham of the bodies of two soldiers and the comrade they died trying to save, is the first since fatalities in Afghanistan passed the 200 mark. Three further soldiers, from 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers were killed while on patrol near Sangin on Sunday, bringing the total number of casulties since operations began in 2001 to 204 with the recent rise in numbers largely attributed to Operation Panther's Claw - a surge against the Taliban in central Helman. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)