The Five Fashionable Harvard Majors You Meet In The Recession

Harvard is broke. Tapping the vast potential value of its own good name, Harvard signed a licensing deal with an apparel manufacturer. And the menswear label Harvard Yard was born!

This isn't university apparel: this is the Ivy League as metaphor. Harvard Yard is about turning the university's hard-earned but ephemeral reputation into a more useful kind of coin — the licensing deal, though of unknown value, lasts 10 years, covers the entire globe, and also gives permission for women's and children's apparel collections. Kit Walsh, an executive at the Collegiate Licensing Company, says "The idea was to create a line of clothing where Harvard represented not just a university, but a style, too."


And what a style it is.

We think this guy's definitely majoring in Advanced Mud Sculpture. The floral shirt speaks to a certain subversive aesthetic/isation of the American heterosexual male experience, but the rolled up sleeves say, "Baby, let's work this clay together."

This guy, on the other hand, is clearly majoring in Old World Inferiority Complex Studies. Notice the striped blazer, an homage to the classic English boating jacket, and the attempt at keeping it cas' in white plimsolls. A not unusual reaction to feelings of geographic insecurity among the wealthiest classes.


Here, a Harvardite majoring in Cool Juice. Run — don't walk! — to class, Steve Urkel. You'll transform into Stefan Urquelle one day.


This guy's majoring in Young Republicanism with a minor in Sockless Living — Avoiding Blisters. Roger Stone dreams of taking him shopping for a real suit.


And here lurks the soulful Studio Art/Independent Studies major. Look at him gaze into the middle distance as he contemplates with exquisite melancholy how everyone around him is like totally a late-capitalist consumer clone, man, while his forebrain wonders if perhaps he can justify charging another ribbon belt this month.


Harvard Yard apparel will retail for $165-$495, and will be available in stores next spring.

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