First Trailer For The Veronica Mars Movie Is Here!

Rob Thomas — who I still picture as "Santana featuring Rob Thomas" Rob Thomas — and the primary cast of Veronica Mars appeared at Comic-Con to drop some tantalizing nuggets about the upcoming movie. Vulture reports that a trailer especially cut for the convention shows Veronica as a high-powered New York lawyer who returns to Neptune for a class reunion and is pulled back into the world of crime-solving and warring against (most of the) '09ers:

And there is other miscellaneous stuff: For instance, Thomas cried when he watched Logan and Veronica kiss for the first time, Duncan and Lily Kane will not be integral to the movie, Tina Majorino got a cool haircut, and, AND, Jamie Lee Curtis will appear in the movie as the firm boss interviewing Veronica.



Remember You Again? It starred our beloved, but hideously ill-used Kristen Bell as a high-powered New York "executive" (close enough) whose brother gets engaged to her high school bully. And the bully's aunt was her mom's high school bully. Don't get it? Doesn't matter. The point is, it has a 17% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (Richard Roeper's blurb: "This is an epic failure on every level") and the mom was played by none other than Jamie Lee fuckin' Curtis.

I walked out of it, and let me assure you, it's a lot of work to make a movie that I can't sit through. I'm lazy as hell. I'd never actually left a movie before — not even one I was sent to for free through a job. (Case in point: I stayed for Big Momma's House 3: Like Father Like Son in its entirety, and I was so hungover I thought I might projectile vomit onto the seven-foot projection of Martin Lawrence.) But this. I didn't make it 20 minutes.

Both actresses are amazing separately, and obviously I'm a ginormous Veronica Mars groupie — so I'm sure the movie will wash the stank taste of that clunker out of my mouth


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