The first beloved entertainer to break America's heart by defying the Writers Guild strike and solicit scabs is... Carson Daly. Huh? Oh yeah, Last Callthere's a show you were really pining for! Anyway, I had to Wikipedia Carson to fill up on all the biographical tidbits I'd missed in all those years passing him off as "one of the first in a long list of amiably bland LA dudes who ascends to 'stardom' for no reason other than an acute talent void" (and shit, I always wished I had gotten into My Name Is Earl, because I love Jason Lee, and this news would be soooooooo much funnier if I'd known ahead of time that the storyline revolves around thinking Carson Daly is the inventor of "karma.") Anyway, here's hoping some striking writers are having a good laugh sitting around prank-calling Carson's joke hotline while high. [The Smoking Gun]


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