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The Feminal is a traveling urinal for women, designed to be used in a reclined, seated or standing position. It differs from the Magic Cone and the Shenis in that the leak-proof seal makes it so you don't even have to stop driving if you gotta go real bad. [Comfort House]


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@e.b.: 1. First you need to pick your spot - you want the feet at a slightly higher elevation than where you're going to pee. In the sand or dirt? make a little hole, just like your cat! mountainside? feet on rocks so you pee between them. Also, face downslope so you see where your stream is going and you don't get a little dammed area causing the pee to back up onto your feet before you notice.

2. Pull pants down to knees and squat... All the way down, until you're practically sitting on the ground.

3. Grab the bunched up fabric at your knees and pull it up.

4. Pee to your heart's content.

You may need to shift slightly, or use your keagel exercises to stop if the puddle starts to approach the toes/pantlegs.

What? I go camping a lot.

Also, off-topic, but I need to think of a new username - there's a klassywhithaK who joined a couple months before me, but I never saw before!