The Fat Cat Epidemic: Unfortunate, But Cute!

Rachel Ray explored the subject of pet obesity, which should be a shocking exposé (33 million overweight pets in this country? While there's a food crisis elsewhere? Holy mackerel-flavored Purina!) The truth is, it's hard to be upset when the fat felines are so damn squishable. And hey: How come overweight humans are subject to mean comments, while overweight kitties just get petted, fed and belly-rubbed? Sigh. Clip above.



We describe our family cat, Sadie as "a chubby ballerina". She's dainty and adorable, but chubby. She also has 28 toes.

On the OTHER end of the spectrum was Hero. Hero was hit by a car as a kitten (which is how we came to know her, my brother saved her) and because she spent a lot of time she should have been growing healing, she never topped 6 pounds. She died young from cancer, and shrunk to about 3 pounds. She was so skinny that she couldn't retract her claws, so she would get stuck walking across the carpet and call for help every five seconds. It was hilarious and tragic at the same time.

So, given the choice between the two, I'll take a chubbeh kitteh.