'The Fashionista Diaries': Nicole Leaves, Mandie Smirks

We used to feel for The Fashionista Diaries Nicole for having to deal with her boss Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson's mockery of her clothing and hometown, but this week she really pissed us off for actually expecting to find people working in PR who are "real" and not "fake." More importantly, we're pissed that she made Bridget and CF seem logical. However, we do have to commend Nicole for stepping up her game in bitch sophistication: She blindsided CF at her evaluation by resigning before she could be fired. Sigh. We're going to miss this storyline a whole lot, but we have the whole Jane magazine drama ahead. Yay!

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Tracie Egan Morrissey

what baffles me is that they make fun of nicole for what she's wearing, but that dude in the meeting is wearing a fucking neon and rhinestone bolo tie. it's like, are you a gay man or a lesbian?