'The Fashionista Diaries': More To Hate!

You guys wanted it, so here it is—a Stephanie Trong clip-reel from Wednesday night's episode of The Fashionista Diaries. Whereas Seven House PR mentor Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson deals with the assistants by alternating between verbal mockery and ostracism, Stephanie Trong, the former executive editor of Jane, utilizes the far more subtle tactics of bitchy verbal intonation, body language, and facial expressions. Enjoy/cringe!


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Tracie Egan Morrissey

yeah, stephanie is totally not as bad as cunt face, but still, i thought it was really bitchy the way she was making faces during the whole makeup thing. i mean, there were cameras there. you're supposed to do that sort of shit when only your friends are looking, so that no one can make a clip show about how you're a bitch.