'The Fashionista Diaries': Mandie Erickson Is Still Acting All Cunty

Sometimes we feel bad that we continually call Seventh House PR "mentor" Mandie Erickson a "Cunt Face" — until we watch the show another week and she continues to behave like one. Seriously, the bitch does not let up! Unfortch, there was no blow up from Laurie over the Gucci shoe incident from last week. We don't know what happened with that. But CF moved on from criticizing the girls' shoes to the criticizing the girls' dresses. Apparently, she doesn't like prints! We've never seen her in anything but black dresses. Unflattering black dresses. Tim Gunn would not approve of her hemlines.

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if your most important client is the designer of some of the shittiest clothing I've ever seen (check out the fall 07 line, grunge flannel plaid is back?) you should probably get into a new line of business cunt face.

at this point I think there needs to be a new word for this troll, cunt isn't mean enough.