Poor Laurie—the assistant to replace Nicole-from-Queens at Seventh House—is really being baptized by fire in Manhattan's PR world. First she had an encounter with Devora Rose, the EIC of a magazine that we don't read, and was all but told that her size-6 frame could benefit from a lack of food. (BTW, Devora Rose used to be a stripper. Social life, indeed!) Then Cunt Face made a bunch of mean-girl remarks about her Gucci shoes. How fucking unprofesh was that? Does she suddenly not have the balls to be mean to people's faces? We were left with the awesome cliffhanger of Laurie storming off to confront Cunt Face. Ooh! We can't wait! Anyway, we hope that Laurie doesn't become so depressed learning the ropes of that biz that she eventually hangs herself with them.

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