'The Fashionista Diaries': Bridget Wets Her Pants

Even though Mandie Erickson hasn't had too much camera time over the past two episodes of The Fashionista Diaries (CF, come back to us!), she's still managed to keep up a spirit of cuntiness through the inane tasks she assigns to Seventh House assistants Bridget and Laurie. It's a perfectly acceptable chore to have to stuff and seal envelopes, but they wouldn't let the girls use wet sponges or paper towels, and instead made them lick each one. After a while, the girls got goofy on the glue and Laurie made some funny faces that made Bridget literally pee her pants (and the floor). And right by the samples, no less! Granted, if Laurie made that terrifying face at us, we'd probs excrete a lot more than just pee.

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@kitalyn: Really? I think sharting is accidental by definition. I'm shocked it's never happened to you.

And, ever since my first UTI back in 2002, I've had terrible bladder control. I didn't know what it was at first, so I just didn't drink anything and tried not to go to the bathroom (ie, the wrong thing to do). I emptied my bladder in Health Services, and halfway back to my dorm (about 200 yards away), I had to start running, pee streaming down my legs.

Come to think of it, it happened to me in the east village on halloween last year, too. I was wearing a skirt and flip flops, so it wasn't too visible, but I simply couldn't make it from one place to the next.