If you've got a big rack and are sensitive to people staring at your chest, you might not like the new ads for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirts. While they're tongue-in-cheek and ultimately for a good cause, both involve a man staring (and/or pointing) at a woman's chest and making comments. In a retro-styled spot called "Office," a guy points at a woman's bust and exclaims, "Say! Are those for sale?" It's a faux-training video, so the guy tries a few different times, saying things like, "Those are swell!" And "Do those come any bigger?" The catch is: He's really asking about her Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirt, not her breasts; the spot ends with the tagline, "Bring breast awareness back to the workplace." Hilarious, right? So why am I so uncomfortable?There's another Fashion Targets Breast Cancer ad called "Elevator," in which a woman gets on an elevator and has her chest ogled by a dude who proclaims, "Nice." The camera reveals, of course, that he's talking about her FTBC T-shirt. But again, this ad makes me uneasy: Why have a man in it at all? Breast cancer is a serious disease that has far-reaching effects on women, children and families — and men, obviously. But taking the age-old stereotype of a man gawking at a woman's tits and trying to twist it into a positive message just rubs me the wrong way. Can't women tackle a life and death issue without being gaped at by dudes? (Commercials below.)

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