The Fashion Police Of The Friendly Skies

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Southwest Airlines, a carrier which favors a orange, blue, and poo-brown color scheme, has anointed itself the Anna Wintour of the mile-high club. Kyla Ebbert was escorted off a flight from to San Diego to Tucson by a customer service supervisor named "Keith" because he deemed her outfit "inappropriate". Ebbert was dressed for the 106-degree weather in the shit-hole she was headed to (for an important doctor appointment no less!), clad in a mini skirt, tank top, and cardigan — picture Posh Spice playing librarian or half the girls in SoCal dressed for work — and was only allowed to remain on the flight after she put up a major fight and explained she didn't have anything acceptably prudish to change into anyway. "Keith" relented but made her pull her top up so her cleavage wasn't as visible and pull her skirt down.


For the record, Southwest doesn't actually have a dress code policy for its passengers, just a hideous uniform requirement for its gang of '70s-throwback stewards, and by the way a-holes, hardcore Mormons don't like to fly.

Southwest Fashion Police Set No-Fly Zone []
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About two years ago I was flying on Southwest from Austin, TX to Columbus, OH, and during the pre-flight instructions the flight attendant (a dude in his late, hot-dog-colored, 30s) said "we like you to wear your seatbelts like we like you to wear your miniskirts, low and tight across your hips."

I almost barfed (but I didn't have a Jezebel fashionbag!).

I filed a complaint as soon as I got of the plane. I would much rather see the tops of other passengers' goodies than have some asshole whose salary I'm helping to pay (and who has the authority to toss me off the plane for giving him the finger) talk about how tight my miniskirt should be.