The Fashion-Filled Week That Was

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  • OMFG VENA CAVA VENA CAVA we don't know what that is, but Anna Wintour showed up! As did a Hills cast member.
  • Nukes flew over New Orleans but it was all a silly mistake.
  • We met Malan of Project Runway and vadge itchy Emma Snowdon of the Fashionista Diaries, all in one night!
  • There was a hurricane somewhere or something.
  • We met a douchebag at the Glamour party!
  • But the South Korean president met an even bigger one in Sydney.
  • Osama Bin Laden invited us to convert to Islam and leave behind booze and bacon.
  • Dodai got her picture taken with Seth Cohen at Calvin Klein!
  • A ton of books about the Cheney administration came out that said shit like: he's been really powerful for a really long time mainly because he keeps pressing to make himself more powerful.
  • But the iced tea at Bill Blass = OMG so good and Jennie is from the South so she knows!
  • P. Diddy! Next to Gavin Rossdale! And baby Kingston !!!!!!!
  • The American economy hemmorhaged jobs last month.
  • You could be depressed about that, or you could do like Hollister and turn the fact that $5.50 an hour is all it costs to get hot way-underage Indiana teens to strip and make out with one another and turn it inot a lucrative business model!
  • There's puke, and then there's meta-puke.
  • Then there's that feeling of having purchased an iPod a week before Steve Jobs slashed the price two hundred bucks.
  • And then there's CF Mandie Erickson.
  • And then there's suicide.


Ugh, sometimes I just want to scream "AHHHH FASHION WEEK IS SO INANE AND POINTLESS AND NONE OF THIS MATTERS!!" but I am actually afraid that Anna Wintour is going to show up at my apartment door and give me a lecture about how the sweater vest I bought at Topshop yesterday is actually part of some larger fashion trickle-down effect a la Meryl Streep's blue sweater speech in Devil Wears Prada.

Not that Anna Wintour would be caught dead in the fashion wasteland that is Ireland, but she works in mysterious ways. You never know.