The family of Marlise Machado Muñoz, a Texas woman being kept alive to incubate her fetus, plans to take legal action. Muñoz, 33, suffered a pulmonary embolism on Nov. 26 and has been kept on life support against her family's wishes ever since, due to Texas law which invalidates a pregnant woman's end-of-life preferences.

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I listened to a story about this on NPR today, and my understanding is that the woman is not being kept alive, because technically she is dead. She is brain dead, so her doctors would consider her dead, and so does her family. Her lifeless body is being kept minimally functioning so that the fetus, who is not viable and who according to the story was deprived of oxygen for almost an hour while this woman was dying, can get enough oxygen and nutrients to maybe make it to be able to be born via c-section, probably with severe disabilities, which probably the state will not want to help the family cope with, because personal responsibility.

The story is here.…

She basically lost the right to determine her own medical care, including end of life care, when she became pregnant. It's disgusting.