During a Family Guy cast panel at Comic Con today, Seth MacFarlane claimed that an abortion episode, deemed "too edgy" for television by Fox, would be included on the next set of Family Guy DVDs.

Surely the episode will fit right into the other hilarious takes on women that Family Guy is so fond of, like, say, rape jokes, or shooting prostitutes as a form of "community service," or punching them in the face as they cry, "I don't understand! What did I do wrong?" You know, really hilarious stuff.


We can also look forward to this gem, a Meg-Goes-To-Prison plot line, as described by the LATimes: "In their introductions, a few plotlines were announced for the coming season. Brian, driving while drunk, hits a(nother) dog. Peter has an affair with a cardboard cutout of Kathy Ireland. Meg goes to prison and comes back a bit tougher. The crew's dark humor on display, Borstein belts out, 'A little bit raped?' Kunis counters by saying it's OK because 'she liked it.'" Prison rape jokes! The stuff Emmy Nominated comedies are made of, right folks?

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