Since it was just National Taco Day (yesterday, actually — you hadn't heard?), what better way to celebrate this glorious occasion than by talking about vaginas? You might say: "Laura, talking about actual delicious tacos is a better way to celebrate this made-up holiday." And to you I respond, "You are right but I don't care! Vaginas, it is!"

I recently attended the annual SF Zine Fest, a fun-filled day of hipsters hawking their mustache necklaces and "stories about owls" zines, and found Camel Toe, a zine celebration of all things vaginal and magical. Well, mostly vaginal, but still. Vaginas are magic! They fart AND birth babies. Take that, buttholes.


Compiled by artist Abigail R. Young, this 24-page book includes articles like "Geeks Love Camel Toes," "Thighs: A Love Story," and "What is Camel Toe." There's some excellent illustrations of different types of camel toe, ideas on how to accomodate additional labia in your jeans, and one woman's story of the first time she (knowingly) displayed the toe.

Camel Toe is really so great, and not just because it's funny and there's some seriously excellent drawings, but because it openly challenges the idea that a womanly body is something to be ashamed of and smoothed over. The fact that women have vaginas is no huge secret (unless it is, and then I'm sorry you had to learn this way) so screw it — if you've got it, flaunt it. Or don't, it's your choice what to do with your camel toe, but it's definitely a choice, and if you want to wear your Leslie Hall space pants high and tight, can't nobody stop you. Labia Love! Crotch-creeping Forever! Girl Power etc etc!

Plus, there's a TACO PARTY recipe. (Annnd we've come full circle.)