The Enids & Rebeccas Of The World Will Miss You Most Of All, Brad Renfro

If I had a "type," Brad Renfro would have been it. Especially looking at his mugshot. He's so hot in it. And in Larry Clark's Bully, too, in which he's pretty much shirtless the whole time. I can't say I was shocked when I learned he was found dead this week at age 25 — he's had a pretty public battle with drug addiction, and a whole slew of run-ins with the law (the best one being when he tried to steal a yacht in 2000, but was too wasted to remember to untie it from the dock, so he couldn't sail away). Anyway, it's nice that the media in general have recognized that he was way more talented and troubled beyond the stereotypical child-star syndrome. And Jezebel received so many emails from readers regarding his death — I had no idea that so many people cared so much about him. Sadly, he probably didn't either. Anyway, above is a clip from Ghost World, in which he plays the quintessential crush/whipping boy to his girl friends. R.I.P., man.


Vallen "cupcakes" Leigh

I made every single friend I had in 6th grade (umm...ok maybe 2) go see the Client with me....Even now, my bff's all had childhood Renfro Ruv. Nothing was hotter than Nick Stahl beating his ass in Bully. Goddamnit, why do the good ones always die?! At least we still have Nick...and Kieran....