The Emmys Rescinded a Nomination From One Peter and Gave It to Another Peter

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Images via Getty.

If you are trying to win an Emmy, don’t think you can get away with anything, because apparently someone is always watching your ass for disqualifications.

Peter MacNicol, who has had a guest spot on Season Five of Veep as Jeff Kane, Jonah’s uncle, was nominated for an Emmy. A requirement for a “guest star” award is that you appear in less than 50 percent of the episodes, and MacNicol was in five out of the season’s ten. Mashable reports that the violation was first noticed on award website

The Emmys released a statement, saying this in no way reflects on MacNicol’s performance, even if it feels like it does:

Upon review of the Guest Actor in a Comedy Series category, the Television Academy has determined that Peter MacNicol unfortunately exceeds the number of episodes permissible for inclusion in that category. HBO’s guest actor entry for Peter MacNicol was accurate at the time of the submission deadline, but he was subsequently included in an additional Veep episode. Unfortunately, that additional appearance places him in 50% of the season’s episodes and makes him no longer eligible to compete in the guest actor category. This decision is in no way a diminishment of Mr. MacNicol’s stellar performance on this season of Veep.


USA Today reports that the Television Academy had another Peter in their pocket, and the nomination has gone to Peter Scolari, who plays Hannah’s dad in Girls. So ends the first act of a Tale of Two Peters.

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I imagine Peter Scolari celebrated by doing this with Tom Hanks.