The Dudes of Mad Men Play Handsomest Bowling Game Ever

Did you know that in addition to being talented and handsome, Jon Hamm is also great at bowling and building dicks out of Play-Doh? He recently teamed up with Mad Men collaborators Matthew Weiner, Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer to bowl for charity against Team Nerdist, headed by Nerdist podcast host/son of a professional bowler Chris Hardwick. The results are endlessly charming and entertaining. Who knew that Harry Crane bowls like a grandma? Can Hamm throw off his competition with the ol' slip-on-a-banana-peel trick? What's it like when Pete Campbell gets in a room with Weird Al? Watch and find out.

Can 'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm Strike Out a Bunch of Nerds at Bowling? [The Clicker]


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