It's been a few days since we checked in on the massive San Diego State frathouse coke ring. So what more have we learned? Well, they just keep arresting more students. It helps that the school president has been so super supportive. But it wasn't that sophisticated an operation to penetrate! "All it took was saying, `Hey, I go to State, can you hook me up? And then it was off to the races,'" San Diego County prosecutor Damon Mosler told the AP.

The undercover officers in the sting, who looked young enough to be students, dressed and talked in a way that would make them blend into any crowd around campus, authorities say. They started going to fraternity parties, made some connections and then started appearing at other events near campus. Mosler says the officers were stunned to learn how openly drug dealers were operating. "The undercover officers would call the dealers and say, 'I'm looking to score, can you hook me up?' " the prosecutor says, "and the dealers wouldn't question it; they'd just say yes." Mosler says he believes that the dealers, many of them students, were operating under the false assumption that they would never get caught within the insular world of a college campus.

Uh, yeah, might I just bring back up again the fact that duuuuude, San Diego State is totally where some of the 9/11 hijackers hung out before they launched their assault on our way of life. And where, six summers later, no one could remember what year 9/11 had actually happened. So good to have such an upstanding campus on our side of the Drug War, dudes.

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