The Dress Is Lovely, But the Mutant Prong Hand Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Everything about this Anna Scholz Kimono Sleeve Dress from SimplyBe seems normal at first glance. Her body looks refreshingly human, her face is nice and friendly—and then you spot it: the freakish six-fingered claw hand. Gah! It's bony, oddly geometric fingers look poised to gouge out any eyeballs that pass by. You don't want to take a closer look, but you can't help yourself.


Ahhh, there is no unseeing it now. It is a part of your brain, and it will haunt your dreams forevermore.

But wait, that's not all. There is also a tiny mutant bonus thumb on her right hand. This girl looks so sweet, but she is definitely in the middle of transitioning into some sort of six-fingered boney handed monster that hunts those who spend too much time shopping online. Sleep tight, my pretties.

[Via Photoshop Disasters]

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