The Dramatic Unveiling of Mama's Deformed 'Forklift Foot'

If you've been following Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, then you know that this family—the women of which are comfortable enough to fart and weigh themselves on national TV—is not easily shamed. In fact, their warts-and-all pride—which embraces anatomical abnormalities—is probably the clan's most defining, and redeeming, trait. But it turns out that there's one aspect of her life that embarrassed Mama so much that she wouldn't even share it with her family, let alone cameras. Until last night's episode, of course.


Some years ago, while working in a factory, Mama's foot was injured and left deformed after it was run over by a forklift. She has since been "very protective" of her feet. She wears socks at all times, and even her partner Sugar Bear has not seen what the family refers to as the "forklift foot." Earlier this season, when Mama took the girls to get pedicures, her feet remained covered, and the nail technician painted toenails on top of her socks.

There are a lot of things that are "different" about this family, but forklift foot is definitely the weirdest. It's not the actual forklift foot that is bizarre, but rather, that it doesn't fit into Mama's elastic definition of beauty. ("Pretty comes in all sizes," she tells her daughters.) She has shown us her neck crust and "vajiggle-jaggle" and literally farts in every single episode. If she doesn't think twice about sharing any of that with the audience, then what the fuck is going on under those socks that is too embarrassing for her?

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On last night's episode, Mama and the girls had a "final weigh-in" for their weight-loss challenge. (It wasn't explained why this was their "final" weigh-in. This was not the season finale, nor were any of them close to their goal weights after only a few weeks on non-diets.) They weren't that successful with the weight loss—and Pumpkin actually gained weight—but they still went to a water park as a reward.

Mama walked around the park, and went on some water rides, in socks. Not aqua-socks. Regular socks. Finally, at Pumpkin's insistence, Mama revealed her forklift foot. It wasn't that bad. In fact, from afar, it was difficult to tell which one was messed up. But upon closer look, it was obvious that the deformed toe was the one with the bugs swarming around it. Why were there bugs swarming around it? We might never know.


Lord Mewington

So... is there any particular reason this family is being filmed? I'm not from the US and am generally curious, are people's lives simply THAT boring and shit that they resort to watching other people's slightly less boring and shit lives?