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The Downton Abbey Cast Seems Frankly Alarmed by American Fans

America, cool your jets because your enthusiasm is spooking the Downton Abbey cast. Yes, they are very charming but let's try to preserve some semblance of national dignity.


The AP got a few moments to chat with various cast members about the difference between their reception in the streets of England and those of the United States. While they are all very gracious about the fandom over here, it is quite clear they're a little overwhelmed by the fact that Americans seem to think they're practically members of the royal family. "It's like being a Beatle or something," says Elizabeth McGovern.

If Will and Kate ever make an official visit Obama's just gonna hand the country right back over (on the condition that Jay and Bey get a duchy).

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I wish Americans would get obsessed with better more diverse British shows, also it doesn't surprise when someone asks me if there are any "African-Americans" in Britain (i have been asked that so many times, it is actually really sad).