Ever since the fake "real" clothing advertisement video homage to another real film of two perfect strangers making out for the first time stirred up America and spurred up every imaginable parody, I have been sitting here patiently awaiting the next event that could once again shake the foundations of Love itself. And people, it has arrived.

"Undress Me," the follow-up video to "FIRST KISS" is also an ad—a collaboration with the TV series Masters of Sex— that celebrates the work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson (the subject of the show).

In the description of the video, Tatia Pilieva states, "I asked strangers to undress each other and get in bed. Nothing else. No rules."

It's not quite as awkward as the kissing one, although it is suspicious that once again, everyone is gorgeous and the two people who had issues undressing were paired together. Also, if someone broke my trousers, I would be livid. First I need a pair of trousers.


Can't wait for the third installation of this series: "BUTT STUFF."