The Devil Wears Prada, The Pope Wears Straight Jesus

The enduring image of the last Pope is of him in simple, white vestments and a white skullcap, but that ain't how Pope Benedict XVI rolls, as this picture demonstrates. Although the Vatican's newspaper L'Osservatore Romano claims that Benedict is just a simple guy, his style pointers (always wear something red!) are reverberating around the world. From his red loafers to his Christmas camauro, and his ermine-trimmed capes to his snazzy red summer hat, this Pope has a fashion sense all his own! But the Vatican mouthpiece says it best: "The pope, therefore, does not wear Prada, but Christ." Ewww, does anyone else get a weird "lady suit" from Silence of the Lambs image from that statement? (Click the picture for more of Benedict's fashion do's!) []


This is the Santa hat he showed up with at Christmas, which he says is actually a camauro and shows up in papal portraits in the Middle Ages! He's making everything old somewhat less ancient again!

Here his is in his traditional shiny Mass clothes... but just look at his snazzy red loafers (not made by Prada, he swears!) peaking out from underneath! As long as your shoes don't clash with your golden vestments and pointy hat, it's ok to use them to make a fashion statement!


Here, Benedict is taking a page from his predecessor's style book, but he makes it his own with a shiny little scarf and — you guessed it — his red shoes! Since he's hosting George W. Bush, look how they reflect Bush's Texas roots to make him feel more at home!

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