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The New York Post's "@ Work" section today leads off with a story about Stanford professor Robert Sutton's new book "The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't". And in true, gossipy Post form, there's a sidebar of blind items about asshole bosses, including one about a women's magazine editrix who had a certain flair with crimson writing instruments and making staffers cry. Says a former employee:

"She had a big red pencil and when they'd give your manuscript back to you your heart just exploded from fear, because her comments were completely evil. One time she wrote on someone's manuscript, "If you're going to write like this you should wear a [expletive] clown suit to work."


Having been recipients of numerous nasty chicken-scratches on our women's mag copy a few years back, we could kind of sympathize. But any goodwill on our part was completely eroded by the next paragraph, in which the former employee complains that staffers were expected to, well, actually work.

She used to make sure we were at our desks every night until 6. I remember New Year's Eve, sitting at my desk at 5:59, knowing she'd be watching. It was a very sick work culture."

Cry us a river. We haven't gotten off work at 6pm well, ever.

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