The Devil Does Not Wear Prada: Fall/Winter Internship Announcement

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Now that college-age young women (and men) are getting accustomed to their autumn schedules, it's time for a (perhaps) long-awaited internship announcement.

We're looking for two intelligent, curious, opinionated and, most importantly, energetic and extremely hard-working junior Jezebels for internships beginning in early November and lasting until spring. A passion for and keen understanding of pop culture (everything from The Hills to the History Channel), women's issues, current events, the web, and the print media (particularly the ladymags we love to hate) are, obviously, major pluses.

Here's what we'll need from you: A brief email explaining why you want to work for the site, plus a list of your work and educational experiences, accomplishments and interests. (No attachments. Any emails with attachments will be deleted unread.) In addition, please specify how many hours per week you will be able to work - a minimum of 12 is required. Residency in New York City is not required.


Send your information to with the phrase "Fall/Spring Internship" in the subject header. Due to the large volume of emails, we will not be able to respond to most applicants, but we will introduce the new interns on the site early next month.

Note: These are unpaid, non-writing internships, but we are able to offer a small monthly stipend and some writing assignments may be offered.

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Anyone that asks about having to live in NYC is clearly not smart enough for the job (read the post carefully, ladies.)

More importantly, though, I'm a 33-yr old Conde Nast employee. Can I have a job?