The sentiment seems especially odd coming from the man who produced a pop-punk music video called "Jewcan Sam." Yes, you heard me — it's real, and it's spectacular. (And you really have to see it to believe it, but be warned: the catchy refrain will definitely get stuck in your head.) In the video, the lead singer's dream girl will only date him if he gets a nose job. "You've got a beak like Jewcan Sam. I only go with guys with perfect upturned noses … I will love you till forever if you get your nose circumcised," the song goes. At the end (SPOILER ALERT), the singer does get the operation — although he still doesn't get the girl, because she "only dates football players." What a shiksa. Everything turns out okay, though, because his teacher (a Jew, natch) tells him he looks "older" and asks him to call her. L'chaim.


A Nose Dive for Nose Jobs [Tablet]

Image via Chris Brindley/Shutterstock