"The Decade In Food"

There are many serious-minded analyses of what the past ten years meant, culinarily-speaking (restaurant professionals have defined it variously as "tepid," "shitty" and "torpid") but here's our roundup of some of the past decade's greatest contributions to the food world:

The World's Largest Slab of Fudge Third time was the charm for Lansing Community College, who broke the world record with this 3-ton slab of chocolate goodness.


In an age of stunt-cooking, This Is Why You're Fat has done the lord's work in compiling some of the most appalling creations, and The Meat-Up stands as an example of the era's culinary excess: "Ground Beef, topped with 2 pepperoni logs, stuffed with Cheez Whiz, topped with a layer of bacon, topped with a layer of mozzarella cheese slices, topped with more bacon, topped with meatballs and served with brown gravy."

Cherpumple, the answer to the feud that split the decade: cake and pie.


The World's Largest Hamburger: Made by New Jersey's Clinton Station Diner, "The 8th Wonder" with the works weighed in at 105 pounds.


Cakewrecks, one of the decade's finest blogs, stands as a memorial to some of the worst decisions of the decade. This Sexual Harrassment Cake is surely one of them.

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