The Day That Just Went Awry For John McCain

  • Carly Fiorina, McCainian economic issues surrogate, told MSNBC today that neither John McCain nor Sarah Palin could run a major corporation. Oh, you know the mocking has already begun. Who knew a deposed CEO could have a bigger ego than a guy running for President? [Politico]
  • The McCain camp is also claiming credit for the development of the BlackBerry due to McCain's successful years as chair of the Senate Commerce Committee. During those years, RIM (the actual developer of the Blackberry) faced a long, expensive and bitter lawsuit during which most people agreed the patent process ought to be reformed and after which RIM paid out $600 million in a settlement. [Politico, Information Today]
  • And, more evidence that McCain's health care "reforms" (i.e., eliminating any incentives your employer has to provide it to you) will result in few, if any, people getting off the rolls of the nation's uninsured. [NY Times]
  • Obama's campaign is suing to keep the Michigan GOP from preventing people who've been foreclosed upon from voting because it's all as illegal as it sounds. [Michigan Messenger]
  • In what really ought to become a daily Schadenfreude update, a Colorado GOP delegate got picked up at a bar in Minneapolis, drugged and robbed of $120,000 in cash and valuables after telling reporters that he advocated bombing Iran, plundering Iraq and that protestors should go get jobs. [Huffington Post]
  • And in the strangest line in a story all day, the man who adopted the sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg after their execution also penned the lyrics to "Strange Fruit." The sons now believe their dad was guilty, by the way. [NY Times]

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